Eugene Volokh

Academic Affiliates
Los Angeles

Eugene Volokh has taught First Amendment law, tort law, copyright law, and criminal law at UCLA School of Law. He is the author of a First Amendment textbook and of several dozen law review articles, on First Amendment law, privacy law, tort law, copyright law, criminal law, and more; his works have been cited over 150 times by state and federal courts, including in five U.S. Supreme Court cases (plus over 3500 times in other law review articles). Before going into teaching more than 20 years ago, he clerked for Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Since becoming an Academic Affiliate for Mayer Brown LLP in 2006, he has consulted on many cases, mostly related to media law and copyright law, and has argued eight appellate cases, in the Seventh Circuit and the Ninth Circuit and in state high courts in Indiana, Georgia, Nebraska, Texas, and Washington.

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Selected Experience