Neuros Co., Ltd. v. KTurbo, Inc. (Seventh Circuit)

At trial, our clients (Neuros and APG) prevailed on a defamation claim, but lost on claims under the Lanham Act and Illinois’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act, against a competitor (KTurbo) who accused our clients of cheating and committing crimes in submitting performance information to a prospective customer.  KTurbo appealed the defamation judgment, while our clients pursued a cross-appeal on their Lanham Act and Deceptive Trade Practices Act claims. We persuaded the Seventh Circuit to affirm the defamation judgment in full, reverse the district court’s ruling on our clients’ statutory claims, and remand the case for a determination of whether our clients should be awarded injunctive relief and attorneys’ fees.  On remand, the district court entered a broad injunction against repetition of KTurbo’s accusations, required corrective advertising by KTurbo, and awarded attorneys’ fees to our clients.

Torts & FELA


Brief for Appellees/Cross-Appellants

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